Walk into a gym in the evening and you’ll notice it’s bustling with people. It’s often so busy you can barely access some of the equipment. It turns out there are so many reasons why it doesn’t need to be this way. Here are a few:

  1. If you’re any way similar to the average Brit who consumes 1,460 cups of coffee a year, you can use this to your advantage. Studies have shown that caffeine improves performance. Wake up to a coffee and smash that workout!
  2. Ever get that feeling of your planned evening-workout hanging over your head? Get it out of the way first thing in the morning and feel better about it, as it will help you get through the day.
  3. Working out earlier in the day has been shown to boost your metabolism. One study found that participants burned an extra 190 calories due to increased oxygen uptake after your workout.
  4. As silly as it sounds studies have shown that fitting a workout into your morning routine not only leads to better quality sleep, but even increased quantity of pillow time.
  5. Finally, don’t forget that smug look you can have on your face as you walk into the office and you mention how you nailed your workout before they even got out of bed!

It may hurt the first time, but set that alarm early and reap the rewards of an early morning workout!