Finding the time to follow a training plan and regularly visit the gym is quite an achievement. It takes some serious motivation to get this far! However, each person is an individual, with individual goals and physical differences. So although generic training plans are a positive step in the right direction, they won’t deliver fast, injury-free progress in the gym. A PT will do that for you.

Working with a PT means working with a coach dedicated to helping you achieve your individual best, and then some. They’re your healthy hype-man and energetic cheerleader combined into one neat package. 

The Go:Do app hosts a wide range of awesome PTs, which means every goal is catered for. They never judge you for hungover Deliveroo orders or force you into becoming a body-building competitor. You’ll be able to find the exact right person for you. Whatever your situation and long-term objectives, working with a PT can generate amazing, and often life-changing, results – here’s why:

It’s Personal

Over time a PT will learn about your life stresses, work situation, how much Jill from accounts has annoyed you and much more. Naturally, you will get to know one another on a personal level, which means you can develop a bond where your trainer knows exactly when to push you and the style of support you like to receive, so you can train to the best of your ability.


As a result of having a personal relationship, all aspects of a client’s life are taken into account, from what you eat (you can’t hide your hummus addiction), to how you cope with stress. They can tailor your training to your current situation and fitness level, something an online plan won’t do.

Avoid injuries

In busy gyms, it’s incredibly important to train correctly. PTs are there to correct form and break down exactly how you perform an exercise so you nail your technique, thereby reducing the risk of injuries and training muscles more efficiently. 


Often PTs will have clients that have been coming to them for years. The client-coach relationship becomes more than just a training session, clients re-evaluate their view on health and wellness (turns out Instagram influencers aren’t the fountain of all knowledge!). After-all, an hour of dedicated time together per week means you’ll likely see your PT more than your group of friends. Playing such a significant role means PT’s will often help their clients realise fitness should be a priority in their life and a good PT will often become a support system for their client.


Ultimately a personal trainer will maximise your results. For some, having enough energy and eating well is enough, whereas others may want to see big strength gains and hit the gym five times a week. With a PT you’ll be more motivated to show up because YOU want to and you’ll have expert advice making your training time deliver the results you’re looking for. 

Whatever it is you’re looking to achieve, a PT will improve your journey immeasurably! 

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