Finally, we have been given a date for when gyms can open their doors again – and there’s not long to go! Whether you have plans to be waiting at the gym doors at 7 am on 25th July, or you’re someone who doesn’t feel ready to share your training space just yet, ‘easing’ our way back to the gym, is the only way forward. 

What safety measures will be in place?

When the government announced that gyms could officially open on July 25th, with the announcement came guidance on how they do this safely:

  • The number of people using any facility at one time is to be limited, which may require booking systems to be put in place
  • It’s recommended that in a gym each person has 100 sq. ft, or approximately nine square metres, of space to use, which would include the toilet and changing areas
  • Cleaning and hand sanitiser should be provided throughout venues
  • Ventilation should be in line with specific guidance on this area
  • Temporary floor markings for exercise or dance studios should be in place to ensure correct distances are maintained 

For the full government guidance please visit:

Despite ongoing conversations in the news about how gyms will open, you don’t HAVE to go back to the gym just because they’re opening and we completely understand that many of you won’t feel ready yet. Because of this, our PTs will continue to do outdoor sessions for as long as they have clients asking them to. They will be happy to accommodate your needs, so please get in touch if you feel this is the best option for you and your fitness journey. 

Prepare your body too:

It’s not just gyms who need to ease back into operating as normal, unless you’ve been well stocked up with equipment at home, you’ve probably adapted your training and potentially regressed in strength and stamina over the last few months.

Four months is a long time to have off if you have trained a lot less than usual, it’s a good idea to put together a training plan that takes this into account. A PT will be able to assess your current fitness level and create a plan that will gradually get you back to the level you were before lockdown and better.

For more tips on this head over our Instagram where we’ve posted a series of posts on how to adapt your training and lifestyle when gyms reopen.