Oh the highs and the lows

There is a lot written about and discussed, these days, around how we feel. Our mental health and often lack of it, has never been so relevant. There are increasing numbers of news articles, radio shows, and TV programmes examining our emotions; from loneliness and isolation, to stress and anxiety. It is surprising that more isn’t done to combat this, and for it not to be seen as a national challenge. Or perhaps it is, but no one can hear about over the constant cries of ‘Brexit’. Yes – that is a mental sigh you can hear.

Endorphins at the ready

We all know that regular exercise promotes the release of endorphins, which has a huge, positive and, very importantly, a natural effect on our mental health. For this reason, plan your ‘workouts’ for those times during the week where you hit your lows, and make exercise not just about the physical benefits, but also your mental wellbeing.

Not just the ‘to do list’

Recognising that just because (for example) seeing a personal trainer every Monday at 8, might give that feeling of ‘right, one job done’, it doesn’t necessarily get those endorphins flowing when you really need them.

Make the app work for you

I find that because the Go:Do app allows me to view my personal trainer, Ibby’s, calendar, I can see how my week is going. I can then decide when I’ll benefit most from seeing her. She also listens to me moan a lot, which is a double bonus!! So if you don’t have the time constraints that mean you have to plan your workouts in advance, then use the app to book your training sessions as and when you most need them to ‘pick you up’. Make your workouts work for you on more than a physical level.