Banks are being urged to “raise their game” as the Treasury launches its Investing in Women Code today following the findings of the Rose Review. The gender funding gap has led to 1 million fewer women entrepreneurs in the UK than there could be, at a potential cost to the economy of £250bn over the next 10 years.

Figures published by the British Bank showed that women-only founding teams were given £32million in investment in 2017, versus £5 billion for male only teams.

Start-ups run by women receive just 0.5 per cent of the total invested by venture capital funds – the lowest level in a decade.

Despite the challenges faced in what is clearly still a very unbalanced world, there are those who are not dissuaded from pushing ahead with their dreams. Beth Cash left a successful career in Finance, another male-dominated world, to co-found Go:Do. Driven by a passion for fitness, and fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Beth chose to be part of the minority pushing to get the balance to where it should be.

The road ahead is long and will be fraught with obstacles that Beth and the team must overcome, not least of which being the more limited access to fund-raising opportunities highlighted by the Rose Review. But Beth is an open water endurance swimmer, so is no stranger to the grit and determination needed to reach ambitious goals.

Beth and the team’s goal is to make fitness more accessible to all, with the added target of increasing female participation in the Personal Training industry. The UK lags its European counterparts with only 36% of Personal Trainers being female, despite 67% of clients being women. Beth wants Go:Do to be open to all, but on International Women’s Day it seems timely for a female founder to fly the flag for both the minority of entrepreneurs, and Personal Trainers who are women.