Even before the pandemic, online fitness was poised for strong and steady growth over the next few years. Many of our PTs were already riding the digi-wave and had been offering online personal training for some time. However, the COVID-19 crisis has caused a huge acceleration of the use of digital fitness, and in many different forms. It seems that Zoom workouts have filled the bottomless brunch shaped hole in our lives. Plus, when we eventually get to post-COVID-19 life, it may be that adults are not rushing back to crowded locations, preferring not to be in close proximity of others. So, what does this mean for personal training?

How online PT works

For context, if you haven’t taken part in an online personal training session before, you might be wondering how it all works. What if you don’t have equipment, and how will your PT know what you’re doing? Well, it’s quite simple really, when booking via the Go:Do app a Zoom calendar invite will be created automatically. You just click on the link to start a video call at the time of your session. It’s even easier than joining a gym.

In terms of equipment, some PTs coach you through an equipment-free session, they might lend you weights if you live nearby, or perhaps recommend versatile equipment for you to buy. As the session is 1-1, your trainer will be able to hone in on your form and offer guidance on corrections to ensure you stay injury-free and are taking the right steps to reach your goals.

It’s nothing new for our trainers

You might be wondering why online personal training was already becoming popular. For trainers like Ryan Phillips, many of their clients prefer online personal training because it’s more cost-effective and convenient for them.

“They don’t have to drive to the gym, no searching for a parking space, ending up missing out on the first 10 minutes of their session, no expensive Pay and Display tickets, no messing around with lockers and changing facilities, no worrying about cleanliness, and no monthly gym fees or lengthy contracts. They can get ready for their workout in the comfort and safety of their own home, bang on time, and jump in their own shower right afterwards literally cutting the time they commit to exercise in half! Also, a lot of my clients travel abroad for work, so online personal training sessions allow us to train as usual so there is no disruption to the client’s progress while they are away. I’ve been personal training clients online for over 10 years now so it’s nothing new to me and my clients know that they’ll get just as good of a workout as if they were with me in a gym.” says Ryan (MAT® Specialist @phillipsfit4life).

For trainers like Ryan the current situation hasn’t resulted in a need to pivot or rethink their service offering because they had already seen the benefits of offering this kind of training.

What about those who miss the gym?

For those who are desperate to have an outlet outside of the home, our trainers are flexible and will follow the demand. This is the nature of the fitness industry as a whole, fitness trainers have always had to stay on top of the latest science and adapt. From new research on effective training methods, or trends around equipment and workout methods (anyone remember Insanity?). The Go:Do trainers are no different, which is why we are confident that whatever happens in the next few years, our team will be ready to support clients in their wellness journey in whatever format suits them.

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