We get it. It is so hard to keep the work-life balance, especially when things pile up at your job. Eight hours sat at your desk… at the end of the day sometimes the last thing you want to do is train.

We’ve put together a list of top tips that will help even the busiest of people to stay healthy.

Walk to work

Every step counts! We’re so lucky in Brighton to be surrounded by stunning scenery. Soak it in! Get outside for 10 minutes at lunch, hop off the bus a stop early, walk whilst on the phone… it’ll do wonders for your health (and your endurance in other sports too!).

Meal prep madness

There’s always someone who has to bring in the naughty treats! To resist, get ahead and prep everything the night before. Meal prepping saves you time and money, and gives control over your consumption (anyone ever got so hungry come lunch time and gone to the nearest fast food chain, and then felt guilty after? Thought so…)

Water is your best friend

That sluggish point when lack of motivation hits is 9 times out of 10 because you’re dehydrated. Buy a reusable bottle and keep it on your desk, set alarms to remind you to drink… just make sure you’re getting in AT LEAST 2 litres a day!

Take breaks

There’s a reason our fitness watches buzz every 30 minutes if you’ve been tapping away at your computer…We’re not superhuman! Staring at screens for hours on end is not an efficient way of working. Working in 30 minute chunks helps projects remain focused and concise.

If you can, squeeze in a workout

You’ll thank yourself if you do. Sounds ironic, but even when you feel absolutely exhausted, you’ll feel amazing after. Endorphins are beautiful things! It’s not just for physical health, but your mental health too. Exercise is great for switching off from the day – so find something that you enjoy doing (whether it’s group sports, dance classes, running or gym training) and you’ll reap the benefits.