Let’s cast our minds back to the start of the year. Perhaps you were gearing yourself up to work on some big strength goals (this HAD to be the year you achieve an unassisted pull up) or perhaps you set a New Year’s resolution to try a new fitness class each month (goat yoga anyone?). Whatever fitness achievements you were planning in 2020, it’s safe to say no one planned for the year to go the way that it has! The fitness industry (and the world alike) has found itself in completely unknown territory. But, from experiences, we can learn. In fact, we have all learned a lot from 2020. Let’s take a look at all the wellness lessons 2020 has given us:

  • Mental health over everything

During the tightest lockdown restrictions in 2020, we saw trainers and fitness personalities share an abundance of free workouts and training inspo on social media. Millions of people took part in The Body Coach’s daily PE classes and one PT regularly had over 15k people take part in her live classes. One of the reasons for their popularity was that the classes were providing people with so much more than just a workout. The mental benefits were highlighted as a huge and much more important benefit, especially when most people were struggling with the reality of living through a pandemic. This year has certainly shown us how important it is to do more of the things that make us feel good, rather than make us look good, and we are supporting much more of this in 2021 and far beyond. 

  • Unconventional is the new conventional

2020 has given us all sorts of barriers to exercise. Gyms have been shut, at points spending time outdoors has been limited and generally, it’s been difficult to plan beyond the next week. With all this change, unconventional forms of fitness have grown in popularity. Who had ever done a Zoom workout before this year… not us! With new training options presenting themselves, we have learnt to make fitness fit with the now, and pretty much anything goes. If you can’t make it to the gym, that’s fine your PT will come to the park outside your house. If you find it too hard to wake up early and train before work, no worries, a lunchtime class on Zoom will work just as well. We’ve got more choice, and wonderfully these choices fit with just about anyone’s schedule.

  • Community breeds commitment

Even before the pandemic, one of the main selling points of group exercise and personal training was the sense of community, friendship and belonging it gives you. Through lockdowns, social distancing, cancellation of community sport and the shutdown of public spaces, creating that same sense of community spirit has been tough. As people found alternative ways to unite in fitness, through digital means or making the most of outdoor settings, we started to feel that buzz we’d been missing. The sense of community and fun we saw people enjoy from exercising together during these difficult times has highlighted how important it is to factor a community element into training plans in the new year, increasing enjoyments and in turn consistency. Some of our PT’s also offer small group training, all you need to do is find a willing buddy (COVID restrictions permitting)!

  • HIIT is here to stay

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been popular for years but was pulled back to the forefront of fitness trends in 2020 when people were trying to find ways to enjoy a sweaty workout without much equipment. The technique burns calories fast, and takes significantly less time than regular exercises, making it appealing to busy people. It’s also really accessible to do at home, it requires little space and all you need is yourself to get a good burn. Anything that’s both quick, simple and effective gets a big yes for 2021 from us!

  • Outdoor training 

Outdoor fitness has had a real PR glow up in 2020 whilst gyms were closed. Lockdown saw a rise in bootcamps in parks and PT sessions in gardens, as a way around the gym closures. We will be pleased to see this trend continue into 2021, as people continue to enjoy mixing up their fitness routine with getting out in the fresh air and all the health benefits it brings.


If you’re looking to restart your fitness routine or make substantial gains in the New Year, get in contact with one of our trainers via the Go:Do app or email us or drop us an email to hello@godo.fitness today.